- Don's PowerShell Tools

Actually, just a PowerShell module with some functions I use all the time.

This software is released under GPLv3.
Use at your own risk. I am not liable for any damage yada-yada-etc-etc-etc.
If you add any significant improvements, I would love to have a copy. Just send a mail to

If you think this web page is ugly .... Bad for you. I'm bored by frontend work, and a CMS is kinda overkill for one page.

Look here if you want to read about the functions and how to use them.

Get the module

Windows Installer (MSI)
Zipped file for manual installation

Cmdlets in the module:

Save-Credential Saves a credential object to a file (or asks first, and then saves)
Import-Credential Loads a credential object from disk - or shows a menu first, and then loads
Set-Folder Shows a list of folders and goes to the selected entry. Can be adapted.
Test-Filename Tests if a filename (no path) is allowed.
Get-DataFolder Gets the full path of a folder for saved data. Mainly a helper function for this module.
Get-ModuleCommand Shows available cmdlets and which module they come from.

To get more help, the PowerShell cmdlet "Get-Help" is your friend.

Import-Module DonsTools
Get-Help Set-Folder
etc. etc. etc.

Change list

  • Changed version naming from to
  • Import-Credential: Fixed bug where you couldn't select the last credential (an 'Abort' option has been added).
  • Import-Credential: 'Abort' now throws an exception instead of silently exiting.
  • Set-Folder: Added more text to the default configuration file.
  • Installer: Changed the installation folder from All Users to Current User.
  • Known bugs

  • Import-Credential: If no folder exists for credentials, the error says "The folder '<Folder>' does not exist. Specify -Create if you wish to create the folder."
    Workaround: Ignore the part about running -Create. Run Save-Credential - this will create the folder for you.